got my smurf less than 10minutes! you guys are the best! <3
Jake Salvador 1 day ago
I wanted to boost my mmr cause I was in elohell and in one day they got me 2 tier division up! Really nice people and And nice boosters! :D
Eric Cena 3 days ago
Ordered a smurf acc with some champions and skins on north america and got it minutes later all as described in the website
Lee Zhou 3 days ago
bought an IP SMURF ACC on euw with 20k was very fast and they really sent the acc so this website is real
William Smith 3 days ago
my friend recommended me this website after he bought a pbe account and I took the chance and ordered a smurf account with 30,000 ip and I'm...
Henry Rame 5 days ago


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